7 Birds Midwifery

Homebirth midwifery support in Southeastern Wisconsin


How do I know if homebirth/midwifery care is right for me?  Certified Professional Midwives are extensively trained to care for normal, low-risk birthing families.  We are the experts in protecting and facilitating normal, physiological birth and are also trained to recognize and treat or transport for emergencies if they occur while in the process of a home birth.  People birth better and need less intervention in environments that feel safe to them.  If you find that you, for whatever reason, would feel safer in a home environment, are experiencing a low-risk pregnancy, and are willing to accept the risk that accompanies birthing outside the hospital environment-give me a call!  :)

What can I expect care to be like?  Prenatal care consists of hour-long prenatal visits every 4 weeks starting between 10-12 weeks gestation.  At 28 weeks we begin seeing each other every 2 weeks, then every week from 37 weeks til you deliver.  Standard laboratory tests are performed by me in office.  Ultrasounds are available in my office, your home or in a medical setting if deemed necessary.  After the birth,  4 Postpartum visits are given regardless of where you deliver.  The first follow-up is in your home within 36 hours of birth at which time we prepare the birth certificate application, perform the Newborn Metabolic Screen, and full check up as well as lactation assessment.    The next visit is done on day 4 at which time I do a full check up on both mom and baby and weigh baby to make sure feeding is going well.  The last two postpartum visits at 2 and 6 weeks are done in the office.  Additional visits are always offered on an as needed basis.    I encourage all my families to establish a relationship with a hospital provider to provide care on an as needed basis which makes hospital transport/transfer a smoother process, if needed.  I can provide several options for this type of care depending on your insurance or location.

Can I have a water birth?  ​  Yes you can!  A birthing tub can be a vital tool for managing the discomforts of labor as well as staying calm and focused on the work of labor.  For various reasons, not all births finish in the tub, but it's always offered during labor as a comfort measure.  I provide the tub as well as set it up and take it down.  All you need to provide is the hose :)

Do you accept insurance?  Yes, I do.  CPM care is covered at out-of-network rates with most insurance plans and can sometimes be covered at in-network rates with a gap exception.  I utilize a billing company called Midwives Advantage (www.midwivesadvantage.com) that can do a verification of benefits to see what your current plan covers and what your co-pays and deductibles are.  This can help drive the conversation more specifically around what your out of pocket costs will be.  Additionally, CPM care in Wisconsin is covered by Badgercare!  Most providers require an out of pocket fee but once that has been paid, the rest of your care, including baby, is covered.